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Designing stories that matter

Created on Sunday, 05 June 2022   »Profiles

An interview with Miri Rodriguez, Senior Storyteller Future of Work at Microsoft. We discuss how applying design thinking principles to storytelling helps brands be more empathetic and connect more humanly with their target audience.

Do you believe the current rapid advances of Artificial Intelligence will lead to a time in the future where a robot will write a New York Times best-selling novel about a great love story?

Setting a graphics career into motion

Created on Monday, 02 August 2021   »Profiles

An interview with Emmy Award-winning San Francisco-based motion graphics designer and illustrator Donavon Brutus.

Emmy-award-nominated Haitian-American artist Donavon Brutus is a motion design and illustration artist based in San Francisco, California. His wide-ranging professional experience includes working as an animator, illustrator and designer. He's used his award-winning motion graphics skills both through in-house studio settings and freelancing in various sectors such as education and science outreach.

OCAD’s Dori Tunstall on decolonizing design education

Created on Saturday, 03 August 2019   »Profiles


"Everything that we design is tied to cultural values and cultural meaning that we build into the things that we make," said Dr. Elizabeth (Dori) Tunstall as Dean of the Faculty of Design at OCAD University. Dori Tunstall is the Dean of the Faculty of Design at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada.

Toronto is the most diverse city in the world. You cannot have a successful business designing for your audiences if you don’t have the cultural competency to understand the different ways in which they will resonate with your message. The only way in which you can confidently do that is if the diversity of your staffing reflects the diversity of the city itself.

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