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Setting a graphics career into motion

Created on Monday, 02 August 2021   »Profiles

An interview with Emmy Award-winning San Francisco-based motion graphics designer and illustrator Donavon Brutus.

Emmy-award-nominated Haitian-American artist Donavon Brutus is a motion design and illustration artist based in San Francisco, California. His wide-ranging professional experience includes working as an animator, illustrator and designer. He's used his award-winning motion graphics skills both through in-house studio settings and freelancing in various sectors such as education and science outreach.

Considering the gig economy? Remember these 3 things

Created on Saturday, 24 April 2021   »Freelancing


(NC) Being an independent contractor is not a straightforward endeavour, but it can lead to more diversity in your work, better income, and greater flexibility. But, before you make the jump to launching your own freelance business, keep these three things in mind:

Unleashing the power of content

Created on Friday, 13 November 2020   »Profiles

An interview with Xania Khan, Director of Content at Appnovation

“Write for people, to people, about people. Be authentic, be real, be human about your approach to #socialmedia.”

Joining the gig economy? 4 tips for getting the job done right

Created on Thursday, 07 June 2018   »Freelancing


Whether you run a side hustle or work freelance, now is a good time to make sure you're equipped to successfully manage your business. Here are four areas to focus onto keep on track:

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